Month: August 2018

day 234

daily poem / poetry blog

because why not you are a different kind of grace    jasmine flower on window sill   balmy spring night  the smell of tea leaves wilting in a pot buzz of tiny moths to a single bedside light  dust on frames  mirror undone meaning eyes-shut blind. kathryn lyster

day 231

daily poem / poetry blog

adore thank you cherish + love you immeasurably your text made me cry your words fell like hail across my screen your emojis zinged off walls with rainbows purple hearts you’re a person in my life who gets it. kathryn lyster  

day 229

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daily poem

Wild weather Ragged shores smacked By waves spun by boats Wake of water on sandstone Circle of gulls overhead frilled Gills breathe underwater These cliffs remember It doesn’t matter anymore All eroded sunk to Ocean floor you know What I’m happy. kathryn lyster 

day 222

daily poem / poetry blog

Green Deep banksia faces palm fingers blackbutt burnout maiden hair fern carpet sunken tide reeling out flathead shadows rocks corroding lightning strike gum rustle high wind goddess breath on my skin. kathryn lyster

day 215

daily poem / poetry blog

Loving Lines in earth etched by time eroding soil cracked boulders animal tracks stories swirls of a snake in desert sand remember the shapes on our planet that pre-date us stand in awe of all this majesty do your best to uphold her kathryn lyster

day 214

daily poem / poetry blog

grey heron startled into flight by dogs chasing spirit rabbits over dunes   weekend quietly arriving delivered by lazy waves against rocks   yellow wattle puffs dance above waxflower bursts coral gumblossom just birthing from silent seeds sun slicing footprints on sand  wind dips drips warm nectar  endless mercury glare across shallow cliff pools emerald moss thread long hot run fall to water arms spread wide fingers through turquoise surprise jellycrystal saltwater blue abyss heaven waterfall of bouncing daisies white petal eyelashes […]

day 212

daily poem / poetry blog

the feeling of invisible if a woman stands on the shore letting waves rush up knees she’s either having a brilliant day / very very bad one i was having both at the same time foam sucking my shins i fell under a spell ocean horizon let salt water lick pressure off me. kathryn lyster

day 207

daily poem / poetry blog

meditate can you sit your mind in your body where it belongs instead of wobbling over the past / just put it in your toes imagine it in your hips be the skeleton you actually are allow yourself to have bones. kathryn lyster

day 206

daily poem / poetry blog

drop Your suitcases on the grass in a patch of sun flick them open let socks books t-shirts flop out expose it all to further investigation by the elements let ladybugs + snails crawl over your baggage Surrender it to dew + frost. kathryn lyster

day 205

daily poem / poetry blog

Not from here two crimson rosellas preening touching beaks kissing Cape Town doves calling in the background Reminding me of pink clouds The other part of me that is African those soft-calling birds they do it Every time pull me across oceans To gardens colours mountains and Faces my body never forgets are missing. kathryn lyster