day 188

daily poem / poetry blog

july 16

discussing the implications
of a creative life after
30 inspired by a radio quote 
heard earlier:
average australian author
salary is 11,000 per year
i dropped my phone screen shattered
we laughed watching surfers catch
big waves i drew with stones in dirt
as monday crested over us both rendered
useless good for nothing but coffee
confessions & chasing threads back
to youth decisions we made
would we make them differently?

kathryn lyster

The Author

Kathryn Lyster is a creative writer and communications consultant. She is a published author with Harper Collins. She also writes poetry and short stories. In addition, Kathryn writes about natural health and wellness, cruelty free living and how to live a more sustainable life. Kathryn is passionate about creativity, our earth, kindness and the power we all have to create a better world.