day 187

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daily poem / poetry blog


the world stops
spinning You quiet
it for a moment Hold
the ball on it’s axis midair
between bounces Remember
to breathe Deep in your body
right to your toes + You’re not
looking forward/back Just sinking
into light you didn’t know existed
’til you made your world stop spinning
Gave yourself a chance to watch from
the sidelines Drama unfolding Untangle
storms you’re involved in Lie down Quietly
take a nap Catch peace on the fly like it’s
contagious A virus + The only thing that can shake
it is your own galloping out-of-control wild horse mind.

kathryn lyster 

The Author

Kathryn Lyster is a creative writer and communications consultant. She is a published author with Harper Collins. She also writes poetry and short stories. In addition, Kathryn writes about natural health and wellness, cruelty free living and how to live a more sustainable life. Kathryn is passionate about creativity, our earth, kindness and the power we all have to create a better world.

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